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What Does A Good Business Consultant Look Like?

When we partner with businesses, we work to establish the financial, accounting and tax infrastructure needed to reach peak financial gain. A good business consultant will help a company grow their revenue and overcome challenges that can’t be handled in-house.

Having a business consultant aid you in large financial decisions can remove unnecessary stress from your work life. Business consultants are able to go in and evaluate your business and make objective suggestions, which is what many companies lack. If you’re a business owner who is struggling with deciding whether or not you want to invest in a business consultant, there are several factors you should consider before deciding on one.


A good business consultant prioritizes investigating the company’s current financials and using the results of that investigation to begin planning to correct any errors and find new ways to reach the company’s financial goals. Having a thorough picture of the company’s numbers before making any changes or adjustments is incredibly important.

A consultant is an outsider coming in, so if they aren’t curious about doing some investigation before starting, it’s probably time to look for a different business consultant. In order to really evaluate the business and find solutions, an in-depth investigation is crucial. Before a consultant can begin to give helpful advice and steer the company in a more productive direction, they need to fully understand the company and its mission and goals.

Constructive, Not Just Critical

A business consultant is an outside source coming in to give constructive advice and criticism, but if they’re only critical, they’re probably not a good fit. A good consultant will work along with you to help you make the necessary decisions and changes, but they’ll also walk you through it and explain it constructively so you can learn. A critical consultant will most likely just want to “fix” the situation without explaining it fully to you.

Avoid working with overly critical consultants so that you can learn from them and their expertise. If they’re only interested in solving the problem at hand and collecting a paycheck, you won’t learn much that you can continue to apply to your company’s finances. You want your relationship with a business consultant to be mutually beneficial. There are so many advantages to having a consultant come in and examine the company’s finances without bias.


Much like with any other advisor in business, communication is key to success. If you’re not consistently communicating with your business consultant, you’re most likely not going to make the progress that you could be. Like mentioned above, you and your consultant should be working together to tackle the issues your business needs to overcome.

Having a relationship with your consultant with streamlined communication will make your job, and theirs, a lot easier. A consultant should be keeping you updated on their findings and any pivots they think the company should be making. In order to do this, there needs to be open communication coming from both the consultant and yourself or your management team.


Consistency is so crucial to being an effective consultant. A business consultant should be consistent in their communication, interactions and advice. If your consultant is flighty or unable to stay on track with problems that arise within the company, it’s time to find a new one. A consultant is a trusted advisor on many financial matters within the company, so they need to be consistent to continue to be effective.

Prioritize finding a business consultant that recognizes the importance of consistency in all aspects of their job. This will create a much more productive partnership for both of you!

If you choose to work with a business consultant, be sure to have these requirements high on the list! Each of these aspects will help you and your business consultant have a better relationship and create more productivity and capital gain. As long as you and your consultant are committed to addressing your business’s needs, bringing on a consultant is a great way to elevate your business. Reach out to us with any questions about business consulting and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it further with you!

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